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Who is behind City ParkUP?
" We believe that this project can solve parking problems within the center of housing estates. We are expanding the possibilities of accommodating electro cars with regards to the rechargeable parking platforms, and even increasing green areas in places, that are currently used for parking. "
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As an architect, I like to push the boundaries of living, I am filled with the feeling of instilling a modern spirit into the original housing estates, and the idea of modernising a bleak public space filled only with parked cars is sounds like an interesting challenge to me. The current era is moving more and more towards the use of electric cars with great concern for the environment, but the realisation of these ideas without drastic modifications of existing housing estates is practically impossible. However, due to the simplicity of the implementation itself, our idea opens the door to new possibilities of using public space, where instead of a huge number of parked cars, resting places full of greenery can be created...

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The idea of placing parking equipment on panel apartment buildings was born  when I was discussing the ideal housing options in the CZ with Vojta Pošmourný.  As the conversation progressed, we became more and more entangled in the historical contexts of the expansion of the capital city of Prague. I, as a person living all my life in a housing estate, defended the form of housing estates against Vojta, who would prefer to design diverse and technologically modern houses. During our discussion, Vojta finally pointed out that panel apartment buildings can be completely modernised, and what more - that there would be certainly more greenery and parking spaces. I immediately responded to that, that "one day, you will be parking on the roofs of prefab apartment buildings". A fun discussion turned into a serious topic for us.

At the beginning of the project, we had to deal not only with the technical side of the project, but also with the legislative side. As a lawyer, I am confident that we have managed to resolve this side as well. Gradually, other colleagues joined us - enthusiasts for pushing the boundaries of the impossible.


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I like ambitious projects that can solve current problems. Parking in city center and housing estates has been a very pressing issue lately. Plus, the problem of where to charge the increasingly popular electric cars at these locations has recently joined it. When I saw this project, I was really excited about the idea. I thought that where else, but at City ParkUP, should I use my many years of experience in the positions of financial director, operational director or management consultant in international companies. I think that the cities of the future will use parking space in buildings more and more efficiently. On the one hand, to improve the parking capacity as such, and also due to the expansion of places full of greenery, which are wonderful both for relaxation and walks, as well as for cooling the metropolis on hot summer days.


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Art work
Chris & Annie

We create the world around us. Our clients include MusicDok s.r.o., Biofer, Trio Českého Rozhlasu or for example PHU.

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