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Heavenly attractive parking

Which will solve your parking problem

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We offer a unique product, that solves the biggest problem of housing estates. It is an ideal solution for frustrated residents, who need to park within the housing estate and would like to even perhaps recharge their car in peace. Our competition is non existing, as the locations that we aim at have no garages, and extremely limited parking spaces. Our product truly creates the necessary infrastructure!
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Won't the structure collapse along with the house?


It cannot and will not fall. We have prepared a preliminary static assessment, a detailed assessment of the technical condition of the house will be carried out, including geological surveys. Implementation will take place after a thorough risk assessment. The opinion drawn up by the structural engineer states that the building is capable of bearing the load of the parking system structure, including vehicles, with a sufficient reserve. 

Isn't it noisy?

Don't worry, this is a modern device built on spring-loaded silent-blocks, all technological noise-emitting devices are soundproofed to meet strict noise limits. Before each realization, an acoustic study will always be prepared for a specific house at our expense.

How much will parking cost per month?

It always depends on the specific agreement with the owner of the parking structure.

Can I own a parking space on the property?

The idea is to make the product available. Any arrangement with a parking space will be allowed for at least 25 years.

What happens to the parking space after 25 years?

The free disposition passes to the owners of the object on which the technology is implemented.

Can the charging platforms be recharged by a photovoltaic power plant?

During the day - yes, as battery storage is still too expensive, the night charging will take place from the network. Of course, the project includes photovoltaics, but (in the first phase) only for heating of the water in the building.


An effective solution for an estimate of 140,000 housing units
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